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50,000 Worldwide Servers Infected With Cryptomining Malware.

Security researchers at Guardicore labs reported that over the past four months, up to 50,000 servers were infected as part of a high-profile malicious campaign that Chinese hackers believed to have organised. The malicious campaign is reportedly carried out by an advanced persistent threat(APT)-style Chinese hacking group that has already infected nearly 50,000 servers and is installing a sophisticated kernel-mode rootkit on compromised systems to prevent the malware from ending. The campaign which dates back to February 26 but was first identified in early April, was discovered to deliver 20 distinct payload variants hosted ….

Unregistered Bitcoin Operation and fraud Lands Trader In Jail.

A local Las Vegas Bitcoin exchange proprietor Morgan Rockcoons was convicted today to 21 months in prison for wire fraud and running an unlicensed cash transmitting business by US District Judge Anthony J. As disclosed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California, Rockcoons advertised his Bitcoin exchange services on the page,In 2015, HSI recognized Rockcoons as the most successful vendor based in San Diego and his profile reflecting that he had engaged in more ….

Google Disables Baltimore Officials’ Gmail Accounts after Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

Since May 7the government of Baltimore City has been under siege as it has been hit by a ransomware attack that has seen hackers ask for a  100,000 USD in bitcoin and officials refuse to pay the ransom. In a recent development Google disabled officials’ newly created Gmail accounts being used as an option to the attacked accounts. Reports from The Baltimore Sun says the Baltimore City government created Gmail accounts to work during the ransomware attack due to disruption of the server of the city that caused their emails to be inaccessible. The Baltimore city government ….

Google Play Store Discovers and Removes Trezor Wallet Fake App from platform.

With Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets catching the wider public’s attention, fraudsters are attempting to take advantage of the inexperience of newbies. These frauds appear in many ways, and in fake crypto wallets and applications there seems to be a major increase lately. According to reports, ESET researchers observed that scammers added a fake cryptocurrency wallet to the Google Play store, with one malicious app mimicing Trezor’s hardware wallet. While the fake page on Google Play might pass for the official one, the researchers said the software itself is simply an app template that can be purchased online with a generic login screen for credentials. The fake Trezor app is a copy of another fake wallet, CoinWallet. Over 1,000 users have already downloaded the fake Trezor app, reported ESET. The app claims to be a wallet for cryptocurrencies storage, sending, and receiving, while it only has the ability to transfer funds to addresses owned by the fraudsters.  However Trezor confirmed that no security risks are posed by the fake app to its own users. The only remaining concern is that users may have collected their email addresses and may have been the targets for phishing attacks. Researchers at ESET however advised users of cryptocurrency to pay attention to the applications they are installing, Further ….

Craig Wright is not recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto – US copyright office

Following Craig Wright’s recent attempts to copyright the famous white paper and bitcoin code of Satoshi Nakamoto, the U.S. Copyright Office has officially released a clarifying statement to dispel any rumors that it has officially “recognized” Wright as Bitcoin’s inventor. In a press release, the Copyright Office clarified the whole issue: AS A GENERAL RULE, WHEN THE COPYRIGHT OFFICE RECEIVES AN APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION, THE CLAIMANT CERTIFIES AS TO THE TRUTH OF THE STATEMENTS ….