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Refereum introduces Crypto Payouts to PUBG Users.

Crypto game marketing startup which Labels itself “the first referral marketplace for games” Refereum announced a partnership has been established with the significant Fortnite competitor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) a South Korean online games developer and publisher. Refereum, which rewards users in its  RFR token, is scheduled to extend its in-game rewards system to players in the Battlegrounds of Playerunknown, it is one of Xbox’s top popular games, with more than 8 million sales. In a press release, the company disclosed that it is providing the RFR tokens for the ….

Rep. Maxine Waters Requests Halt of Facebook to on the Libra cryptocurrency

The head of the United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services Maxine Walters has requested that Facebook to stop development of its new Libra cryptocurrency until it is possible to hold hearings. The request from Waters came hours after Libra had been unveiled by Facebook. “Given the company’s troubled past, I am requesting that Facebook agree to a moratorium on any movement forward on developing a cryptocurrency ….

Stephen Palley Suggests That Kik Would Need An Upwards Of $10 million USD In Court Battle with SEC

It’s no news that the SEC sued Kik Interactive, Inc. in New York Federal Court on June 4 The SEC sued Kik for supposedly operating an unregistered securities sale when it introduced an original coin offering (ICO) for its kin token in 2017. Kik announced that they were planning to battle against the SEC lawsuit and since then, the firm has raised roughly $5 million in crypto to battle against SEC stating that tokens are currencies used in its implementation and regulated by an autonomous foundation and that the SEC engages in regulatory abuse of power that is detrimental to development and outside the limits of its statutory authority. While speaking to CNBC’s Ran Neuner, popular ….

OTC Traders Arrested for illegal Bitcoin Loan scheme operation

According to  report by Chinese newspaper today, two over – the-counter (OTC) traders from China were charged with running an illegal Bitcoin (BTC) loan scheme which involves the collecting of bitcoin with promising interest rates on deposits. Based on the report by Beijing News on Wednesday, a group of 20 OTC traders in China filed a complaint to police in Hangzhou City in mid-April alleging that the two individuals, Yi Zhou and Xiang Li, had lured traders with an interest promise on their bitcoin deposits. According to the report, Li and Zhou controlled chat groups on messaging app WeChat used by OTC traders to post bids and ask prices for multiple cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, which is usually referred to as “pancake” to avoid government agencies censorship and monitoring. The investors became suspicious when, since April, the interest paid in yen stopped being deposited in their account. It has been reported that the two traders have managed to gain investors ‘ trust ….