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‘ Magic ‘ the new Crypto Trading Platform from John McAfee kicks off

The computer programmer, cybersecurity specialist and entrepreneur John McAfee has just introduced his recent project – McAffee Magic, a crypto trading platform. McAffee’s ‘Magic’ is more of an aggregator for cryptocurrency exchange than a standalone  exchange. It presently enables it’s customers to trade through a single embedded dashboard on various exchanges.No cryptocurrency keys are stored by McAfee Magic itself. To set this up, users will need to plug in APIs from their other exchanges. The platform comes with two options – normal ….

Vancouver Mayor Suggests Ban on Bitcoin Atms

The authorities of Vancouver are turning against the Bitcoin ATMs due to money laundering issues, the Next Web reported on June 5.Bitcoin ATMs are under gubernatorial pressure after a rise in criminal operations being carried through the machines, according to The Star. Mayor Kennedy Stewart of Vancouver proposed during a latest council conference that banning Bitcoin machines was an alternative deemed to contain crypto-related fraud and money laundering. Employees of Vancouver City Hall have now been tasked with conducting research on the subject. Reports from the Vancouver police in February may have led to the anti-crypto position. The Vancouver police stated in the study that Bitcoin ATMs were extremely efficient  for money laundering by organized criminal organizations. The report also stated that in 2017 cryptocurrency-related crimes had risen by a ….

Craig Wright is not recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto – US copyright office

Following Craig Wright’s recent attempts to copyright the famous white paper and bitcoin code of Satoshi Nakamoto, the U.S. Copyright Office has officially released a clarifying statement to dispel any rumors that it has officially “recognized” Wright as Bitcoin’s inventor. In a press release, the Copyright Office clarified the whole issue: AS A GENERAL RULE, WHEN THE COPYRIGHT OFFICE RECEIVES AN APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION, THE CLAIMANT CERTIFIES AS TO THE TRUTH OF THE STATEMENTS ….

OTC Traders Arrested for illegal Bitcoin Loan scheme operation

According to  report by Chinese newspaper today, two over – the-counter (OTC) traders from China were charged with running an illegal Bitcoin (BTC) loan scheme which involves the collecting of bitcoin with promising interest rates on deposits. Based on the report by Beijing News on Wednesday, a group of 20 OTC traders in China filed a complaint to police in Hangzhou City in mid-April alleging that the two individuals, Yi Zhou and Xiang Li, had lured traders with an interest promise on their bitcoin deposits. According to the report, Li and Zhou controlled chat groups on messaging app WeChat used by OTC traders to post bids and ask prices for multiple cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, which is usually referred to as “pancake” to avoid government agencies censorship and monitoring. The investors became suspicious when, since April, the interest paid in yen stopped being deposited in their account. It has been reported that the two traders have managed to gain investors ‘ trust ….