There could be a rise in US bitcoin investors – Grayscale survey

There could be a rise in US bitcoin investors – Grayscale survey
  • The bitcoin price which has been rallying this year, has hit plateau at 10,000 usd.
  • “It’s clear that Bitcoin is being considered alongside more traditional investments,” Grayscale managing director.

A new survey conducted by digital currency asset manager Grayscale Investments discovered that more 36 percent of U.S. investors would buy Bitcoin as an investment. This is approximately 21 million potential investors when the entire population is taken into consideration.

“Since its introduction in 2009, bitcoin has steadily grown in popularity and today has expanded its reach to a broad mainstream audience,” – survey Authors

A significant percentage of investors liked the concept of beginning small and expanding their Bitcoin portfolio ; 83% . 79 percent of investors think that Bitcoin has the potential for development while 75 percent of investors commended the concept that Bitcoin has a finite peak supply (21 million).

While we have had and continue to hold a strong conviction in the investment opportunities in digital currencies, it’s great validation to see that the appetite extends far beyond the crypto community.”

Michael Sonnenschein(managing director at Grayscale)

Despite expectations that institutional investment has been increasing, the amount of retail investors in the crypto space has stayed remarkably constant over the past year.

“It’s clear that Bitcoin is being considered alongside more traditional investments and we believe that investment interest will increase as we continue to educate around the unique investment attributes of this asset class.” 

Michael Sonnenschein(managing director at Grayscale)

The study discovered a substantial crossover between Bitcoin investors and gold investors elsewhere. Some 69 percent of investors interested in bitcoin see gold as a healthy investment compared to 55 percent of all investors and 65 percent say they would certainly or probably invest in gold compared to 41 percent of the overall pool.

The study, which questioned 1,100 individuals in the U.S., also discovered those interested in bitcoin are also more likely to keep up with economical reports.

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